VRS Client

VRS Client 1.14

Processing system for fares, ticketless operations and credit card transactions
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Videcom Reservations System is an integrated Passenger processing system including inventory, fares, ticketless operations and credit card transactions. All communications are via TCP/IP network protocol enabling the using of both intranet and Internet communications worldwide
The solution includes several standard items from Videcom, which are combined to provide an integrated solution with interfaces to other business systems. The system is based on open architecture, using industry standard equipment and software. The open nature of VRS allows the addition of new systems and features, ensuring that the VRS system can be adapted to keep up with the changing requirements of the airline business.
VRS is based on a multiple processor design, configured to simulate the architecture of a traditional mainframe CRS. This approach successfully combines the proven techniques of a traditional CRS with the advantages and economies of a PC platform and databases.
To support a large number of sessions, the processing task is layered and split between multiple processors where additional session processors may be introduced to support additional system users.
VRS - Optional Graphical User Interface is a companion product that provides a more rapid entry method to the system and is aimed at reservations agents and ticket offices where airline staff or travel agents may be working.

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